Support Local
Media Companies

The local advertising initiative was created to build awareness of the power and effectiveness
of advertising options provided by local media companies!

Why Local Advertising ?

Locally bought advertising allows you to create a local presence through trusted local brands online, on-air and in print. Localizing your ads allows you to make a personal connection with your ideal consumer.

Here is the rundown:

  • Advertising on local media allows you, as an advertiser, to truly connect with the consumer, thus persuading them to purchase your product
  • Consumers base purchases off trust
  • Trust comes from particular sources
  • Local media sources connect with consumers on personal levels

We often hear the phrase “support local” from local businesses big and small. Unfortunately, you often see these businesses buying advertising directly on Facebook and Google. It’s important to be mindful of where businesses are investing and how those decisions impact our local economy.

There are a wide variety of highly effective options that support local media companies including

digital, radio, print, outdoor and event advertising.

Local media companies employ hundreds of people while supporting countless charities and non-profits. Media companies also provide the most pertinent information on local current events and community programs.

Local Advertising Options

Local Digital
Local Print and Digital Opportunities
Local Radio and Digital Opportunities
Local TV


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